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Bellows's history

The History of Bellows

 Bellows Cover: According to records of Wikipedia the bellows cover originated from the leather air-blow manual bellows used on an ancient charcoal stove. It was made by cutting leather into a bag shape to form an air bag for storing. Then two wooden  handles are fitted. One of the handles was designed with a value gate for air entrance. With the air squeezing principle, the pressurized air will below into the charcoal stove through the tiny nozzle that provides an increase for flame burning efficiency. This design is earliest invention.


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The Former of Bellows Cover

In the 19th century, Germany applied the design concept of the leather bellows of the manual leather air blower to the accordion in the musical instrument. Once the air was compressed by the leather bellows, a wonderful music will be create through the action of the reeds. Furthermore, a wide variety of materials of the leather bellows are available that aids in upgrading the artistic level of the accordion. This is the most common former of the bellows cover.

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Initial Use of Protective Cover

With the development and progress of industry, the wrinkled. Leather bellows have also been applied in the image technology. The invention of camera allowed the bellows cover to enter into an industrial stage. In order to prevent light from entering into the film causing excessive exposure, the bellows covers are fitted between the lens and film for light isolation and for protecting focus extension of the lens.


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Industrial Applications of Bellows Cover

With industrial evolution and machinery development that already reach fully automated and CNC controlled age, Sun Yuan has also been dedicated to develop a higher level of bellows covers to meet the industrial requirements. In this regard, we have applied a wide range of materials on our products, from the conventional PVC/PUR to the high protection material of KELVLAR. Moreover, Sun Yuan is the first manufacturer in Taiwan that successfully developed and manufactured the finned bellows covers that have been widely used for protection on the sophisticated CNC 5-axis machining centers and the high-speed machining centers. In order to cope with customers’ development of high speed machining centers, we have also spent great capital in R&D for developing the first testing machine for high-speed (120m) protective cover in Asia. We look forward to keeping a leading position and constantly creating more advanced allows covers.